Yeah Optimus Prime!

Jenny and I went and saw Transformers tonight, we were the first inline, not so much an example of our Die-hard transformers love, as our interest in not having to try to see the same movie 3 times before getting in (see the not as amazing as i'd hope it'd be 300). Truth be told we were both mildly skeptical - Mostly because the summer blockbuster which we're both a fan of in theory, has let us down almost every time. Alot of people poo-poo the Michael Bay aspect of the film, citing a bevy of bogus action films he's helmed, Armageddon being one, another being Pearl Harbor... (i'm a fan of the rock though... sue me.) I guess i can't argue against that logic, but on the other hand those movies, while terrible, were excellent in their production value; and lets face it no one expects to see Howards End 2 when they see a Bay film, when they go to one of these movies, they expect to see Massive fucking explosions perfectly timed and executed for maximum gasp to guffaw ratio.

This is where Transformers succeeds, nuff said. This movie is pure summer fun - and being a serious Transformers fan as a child i can honestly say while not being 100% accurate to the cartoon in character design, it is very true to it's spirit. Highly recommended! And if you're concerned, have a drink or three beforehand.

Something else that Jenny and I found very interesting was a preview for a film set for January 08 release, helmed by Mr J.J. Abrams himself. (if you don't know who this is... don't worry I'm sure you will soon enough) The lights in the theater had not yet dimmed even though two trailers had already played through and i was beginning to wonder if someone had fallen asleep at the switch when the trailer started - Someone's going away party, a bunch of cute 20somethings say some nice parting words for their friend, "You're the best" "I bet you thought you'd never get out of New York..." It's all fun and friendly, and entirely shot as through an amateur handy cam. Then there's a boom, and the lights go out, and they went out in the theater as well... nice effect.
The handy cam follows a bunch of kids up the stairs to the top of there new york building into a night skyline of new york, just in time to catch a very real and very massive explosion erupts blocks away... everyone gasps and for a moment the ball of flame erupts skyward; you can here people gasping as the camera shakes nervously - suddenly someone shrieks "Lookout!" and we can see massive flaming debris raining down and demolish the side of a building, the crowd panics and people start running from the roof, too late, the camera goes fuzzy then black....

Then nothing except "January 08" - Jenny and i looked at each other... "Cool..."

So now that i'm at home i've been trying to figure out what this is all about... turns out this film is under some serious lock and key, already the leaked to youtube versions of this trailer have been removed, and the internet is buzzing about as yet untitled project dubbed "Cloverfield"... Aparently it's a Giant moster movie, with the catch being that it's entirely filmed as if it were being captured by handycams... interesting... also interesting, many people are saying that it will directly tie in with LOST.

I guess i need to start watching season one.

More info on "Cloverfield"
here and here

Found this... it'll probably be gone soon.


Herb said...

Dude, we both blogged about transformers. Yours is better.

Tanner M. said...

Aw shucks - but i disagree, you got 10 points just for referring to a Michael bay film as "a straight forward Kubrickian three-way conflict."