Letters, unfettered.

According to The Independent, upon the death of a prominent Swiss Lawyer Albin Schram, a collection of personal letters was found in his home, and will soon enough be be auctioned off - I find these glimpses into the personal exchanges of public figures to be wonderfully voyeuristic, here are few select cuts:

Ernest Hemingway to Ezra Pound, July 1925. A satirical diatribe on the virtues of bulls, written at Burguete, Spain, on the way to Pamplona.

"Bulls at least are not the greatest stylists in English. No bull has ever been a political exile. Bulls don't run reviews. Bulls of 25 don't marry old women of 55 and expect to be invited to dinner. Bulls do not get you cited as co-respondent in divorce trials. Bulls do not borrow money. Bulls do not expect you to marry them and make an honest woman of them. Bulls are edible after they have been killed. Fewer bulls are homosexual. To me bulls ain't exotic. They are normal. And such a goddam relief from all this horseshit about Art etc... To hell with delicate studies of the American scene. Fuck the American scene. Fuck manners, customs, all that horseshit. Let us have more and better fucking, fighting, and bulls."

Oscar Wilde's thankyou letter to Emily Wren, whose son Chrissie had sent a seasonal gift, dated 13 December 1888.

"I cannot tell you how charmed I am with Chrissie's present. It is a very sweet picture of him, and I prize it very much in memory of my little friend. I have considered it my duty to write him a letter expressing my gratitude... Give my regards to your husband."

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And in other news...

I always thought things were getting worse...
I guess I might be wrong?
and i thought i was the only one to have lived with a
crazy roomate...


the le duo said...

are you referring to moi or shaun chaney?

Tanner M. said...

Shawny boy. (tips a little vodka out for dead homey)

Herb said...

Tanner, I can't wait for you to die. I'm going to catalog and publish all your diary entries. The three volumes I've already decided on are:

The Philosophy of Tanner

Tanner's Shitty Poetry

Tanner McCuinn: Populist Hero or Neo-Facist?