Save me Patrick Swayze!

What a day... and it was fixing to be so nice. It started out with a early morning wake up call; usually not my favorite part of a day but since we'd gone to bed at a decent time, it was rather nice to greet the morning without a headache. The night previous was quite nice as well, as we had gone to our friend Lizzie Post (yes, that Lizzie Post) for some homemade Chinese dumplings and some Blazing Saddles, an interesting choice from the queen of polite society, but welcome all the same... i convinced her to show Predator next week.

But back today - we were finally going to take a trip down to Carmel NY to visit the Bernese breeder I've been talking to and possibly secure a little one in there upcoming litter (they only happen once ever year or two, so these things are a bit time sensitive.) Jenny who's also excited about having the pupper around came along, and JB too, for the ride and company. He even kindly agreed to drive. So we headed out in high spirits around 9am hoping to reach Carmel sometime before 2pm. But as fate would have it, we would never make it to Carmel... (cue ominous strings.)

About 90 miles outside of Burlington, and right in the middle of a heated match of the "Movie Game" JB's transmission decided to disintegrate and we quickly came to a stop on the side of the road. There was no cellphone coverage. We just sat there for a bit, and eventually walked to a nearby house and eventually got a ride from the nice couple to the nearest supermarket; we weighed out our options and came to the conclusion rather quickly that a tow all the way back to Burlington would cost far more than JB could afford (about .37 cents.)

We sat out on the grass of the Granville supermarket watching cars pull in and out of the lot, watched the dangerous looking clouds pass by, silently trying to work out some sort of plan. Then Jenny got one, her sister Jane has AAA... Some long phone calls later, there was a truck on it's way, free of charge - JB was going to get his Kia back to Burlington, now all we had to do was get ourselves back there... our brows furrowed, I went into the supermarket to get us a footlong italian sandwhich.

After some more calls to Jenny's relatives in Southern Vermont, her 16 year old boy crazy/hormonally challenged cousin was gracious enough to drive over a give us a lift to Pittsfield, little did we know it'd be the most white knuckle, roundabout ride i'd had in recent memory; i shouldn't say much as it's not polite to look a gift horse in the mouth, but lets just say that this particular horse's gifts nearly smashed through a guardrail and blew through at least 1 stop sign, all the while blaring the latest and greatest Club hits, most notably by Akon and Eminem. I say at least one as after a while of gripping my seat in fear, i decided it'd be best for me not to see the tree we were barreling into as i'd tense up and probably hurt myself more... i digress.

We exchanged hands in Pittsfield and caught a ride back with the lovely Kyle and Renee, and stumbled back to the apartment, grumpy, shaken and tired, around 5pm. What a day.

A day that called for only one thing to make it all better... Cheap Italian, a bottle of Red and the world's most melodramatic miniseries staring Patrick Swayze, 1985's "North and South". I guess that's 3 things... or 4. Whatever.

Apparently Ze' Germans love the "Fackeln im Sturm"... go figure. This is the only thing on youtube i could find about the show... i think it gives the proper flavor, even in terribly dubbed German. It's so awesome it's terrible and then it's so terrible that it becomes undeniably awesome again... I'm going to bed. I'm rrrrrreally tired. Did i mention that Jenny's amazing?


Herb said...

Eminem and Akon aren't exactly the latest club hits dude.

I wouldn't get a dog from that breeder anymore. This trip is going to make you resent it.

Tanner M. said...

goes to show how much know about what's "bangin" in the club. What about Pete Pablo, is he burnin' up the charts?

Unfortunately for me, Bernese breeders are hard to find in this area, at least reputable breeders, and i refuse to buy from a puppy factory, so this is how it's got to be... it's not uncommon though for people to go long distances to find the right dog. It's a big investment concidering they'll be with you for the next 10 years or more, so it's worth it to put in the extra effort.

jay said...

I heard those kids are getting down to the DJ Frankie Bones these days...

Nathan said...

the colors in your pics are sweet