Vintage Console Auction!

Recycle North's resident electronics guru Sean is auctioning off his entire collection of Vintage Console systems tomorrow morning at Recycle North - Each system auctioned will come with a selection of games for the system, and whatever peripherals the systems have with them. This is a great opportunity to find that old system or game you've been missing, or try out a new one your parents never let you have. Me, i'm gonna put a bid down on the Dreamcast. Let's hope Chris M. doesn't get wind of this though, or i'll surely be out bid.

Sean will also be auctioning off various household and not so household electronics; speakers, PA systems (for any of you music people out there.) etc. So head down to Recycle North (266 Pine street) 10am, tommorrow!

1 comment:

jay said...

Oooo....Geektacular! I might be throwing some money down tomorrow morning.