New Look, same great Highgate taste.

So i finally took the plunge and upgraded my blogger account to its fancy new and improved interface - its not to bad, but it meant having to go through and mess with all my content to get it back in place; i still need to add some width to the sidebar and main content; as it was it was spanning something like 660px; right now its about 720 - i could use another 30. I also decided to mess around w/ a new header logo - the current one is something i threw together for lack of more time at work. I've got a few more ideas up my sleeve; but all of this is really just here until i get some free time to start working on my own domain. Sadly Highgate.com highgatecenter.com and Tannermoore.com are all taken. Check out who's rocking the Tannermoore.com -

Btw, here's a big Thanks to everyone who's ever read my blog and continues to - its been alot of fun for me the last few years, and it's nice to think i might have put a smile on some of your faces in the process. Its interesting for me to go back and read old posts as i'm sure it is for any blogger; and while the specific details of each post are there own, i find it more interesting to observe how, depending on where I've been in last few years, in terms of happiness, comfort, interests, etc, my posts have reflected that unconsciously - often times i go weeks at a time with little interest in blogging about anything personal; the reasons vary - sometimes i have no interest other than to blog the most inanely idiotic web garbage, and for that i apologize, but wait, this is my blog... so never mind, i take that back.

So, thanks - keep reading, i guarantee I'll keep posting, and i guarantee their will be plenty of grammatical errors to point out.

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