It's finally here...

Spring that is. Not my Complete first edition John Bellairs collection... not yet anyway... Jenny and I decided it'd be a nice day for a drive, we stopped up to highgate to say hi my dad and grandmother. I rarely get a chance to get up to town these days and it makes me more and more anxious as i worry that something might have happened that i should know about, but as ussual nothing had changed - except my dad's shoes - he was sporting a pair of slip-ons he got in a 2 for 1 deal; a far-cry from his usual Red Wings. He was in the process of trimming the apple trees, we talked for a bit about the dear eating all the buds off the tree the minute they pop up, and how he went to a Make-a-Wish fundraiser this weekend and almost cried when a litte 3 year old girl told her story of disney land, then he got all teary eyed telling the story... then i kind of got all teary eyed watching my dad get teary eyed.

We talked to my grandmother for a bit, and headed up towards Franklin, the county seat - and home of the franklin general store; picked up some supplies, lemonade, beef jerky, diet cherry coke, and yet another sign that there is a god, and that he does infact love us all - a Maple Woopee Pie. Bitchin.

From there we headed around the lake, and up towards Enosburg falls... (aka, penisburg balls.) but before that we stopped at the South Franklin Cemetery to pay respects to what i thought was my grandfather... but turns out i'm a moron, that doesn't know where his own grandfather is buried... Though i did find some relatives from my mother's side there, so i didn't feel like a complete sub-mental. I know i went to someones funeral here... Now i just need to figure out where my grandfather's buried... how confusing.

Mental note: If i ever have a son, name him Theophilus "Mansfield" McCuin

Regardless its was a lovely day for a walk, and the South Franklin Cemetery is home to only about 50 grave sites, a trifle in the world of necropolis' - which reminds me that i used to live in a house that sat on the property of the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere (if you don't count all the mass burial sites... but who in the northern hemisphere does really...) The Rookwood Necropolis. This was a much more intimate affair, and a more beautiful spot for a final resting place i couldn't image. Dirt road, a ways away from any houses, a crossroad, closed in by an old white fence, and lined with old maple trees... I found my grave too, sort of. Jenny suggested we take a series of photos with me observing my gravesite, but after a chuckle we both decided we wern't feeling all that angsty or dramatic... besides, if we were gonna do it, it'd have to be done in costume, i'd need to be dressed like Michael Landon from Little house, jenny like that blind girl... why? why not.

Besides we had alot more driving to do.

From there we headed through Enosburg, Berkshire, up around to Mongomery, over the edge of the mountains, into Jeffersonville, and back down around into good ol' shitenden county. Where much to our chagrin, the world was just as we left it...


jay said...

That sounds like a perfect day--congrats on getting out for a spring drive before spring even arrives.

"Penisberg Balls"....**teehee**

greg davis said...

did you go to Fellows Balls too?

Tmoore said...

lol... clever.

Undead Molly said...

Look at the ingredients list: MAPLE SYRUP IS THE FIFTH ELEMENT. I effing love Vermont.