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Mind of Mencia

The absolute worst television show ever aired, or, for that matter, concieved by man. It is a void, a black hole completly empty of any mirth or comedy whatsoever. It is a momentous failure of mankind and God. It is the humor equivalent of Absolute Zero; so blatantly unfunny that it can only be achieved through a controlled laboratory setting. This leads some to believe that Mind of Mencia was, in fact, created specifically as an experiment to find the most unhumorous idea possible, but it's hard to imagine that any but the most sadistic would even contemplate unleashing such an abhorrition as MoM on the world.

Also, vb: Mencian
Something so horrible it compares to the calibur of the unholy blight itself, Mind of Mencia. It has yet to be used seriously, because come on, let's face it, nothing is that fucking bad.

"Dude, that class was so bad...it was, like mencian." (It is as bad as Mind of Mencia)
"Woah, woah. Hold up. It wasn't that bad."
"You're right. NOTHING IS THAT BAD."

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true dat

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I have to use the Urban Dictionary to figure out what the people yell at me on the streets. Apparently, "snowflake" is derogatory- they said it nicely though.

Lesh said...

HA! Good one.