Take that Esperanto!

Eigodaigaku blog posted an interesting article on why Japanese should be adopted as a universal language. Beating out Esperanto, Pig Latin and Klingon. I'm skeptical. Besides, i've seen Firefly, i know we'll all be speaking Chinese before long.

1) Chinese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Vietnamese intelligentsia can read the Sino-Japanese "Kanji" characters and almost make sense of Japanese newspapers.
2) Chinese (in its various forms, sharing the same script) is spoken by more people than any other language, and Japanese, thus, with all those cognates, Japanese is an easy language for the 1/4 of the world's population that speaks Chinese.
3) Japanese is particularly easy to pronounce requiring no tones labial, guttural or fricative (?) consonants.
4) The Chinese part of the language is agglutinative and built of only about 2000 bricks. The learning curve is steep and then shallow as opposed to endlessly medium-steep in the case of English.
5) There are few irregular verbs or irregular forms of any sort.
6) There is less of a connection between correct Japanese and wealth, and arguably, colonialism. The colonialism period of Japan was short, less genocidal, more localised, and far less persistent.
7) The word order is flexible, relying on suffixes to indicate subject object and case.
8) There are fewer tenses (AFAIK)
9) There is no gender.
10) There are no relative pronouns so that adjectival clauses can modify nouns directly.
English I want a tool for hitting in nails
Japanese: I want nail hitting tool
This is very convenient for learners who often lack vocabulary and have to rely on adjectival clauses to say what they mean.

The Rest (and interesting discussion)

The comic is courtesy of sexylosers.com a now defunct comic strip that revolves around culture relating to Japanese fetish, Animation, and Hentai - If you're offended by adult humor, sexuality, or just general uncouthness, i'd suggest staying away. defiantly NSFW. But if you've got a dirty sense of humor like I do... it's hilarious.


m. richards said...

if the Japanese are so awesome, why did it take us bombing the shit outta 'em to drag them into the 20th century?

Tmoore said...

Thank you for you're thoughtful, and well informed comment M. Richards...

the le duo said...

All my favorite tv shows are in english. how would the switch to Japanese affect this?

Tmoore said...

basically they'd stay the same except that you'd get alot more fan service (ie, up skirt shots) perhaps some tenticle sex. And in order to understand say... 友人 (Friends) you'll need to invest at least 30 hours a week in online forums discussing the deep importance of Ross's monkey, and to show off the cute little Ross's Monkey you Knit, and that you nicknamed "doji 33/3".

the le duo said...

sweet! would japanese chandler still be awkward in social situations?

Ulo said...

Esperanto is much better! :P

casey said...

I'm ready. Sign me up for re-education.