Where will Will Oldham show up next, last i saw him he was playing a bit roll in the excellent Junebug, and now i find him in bed w/ david cross for this episode of Wondershowzen taking the piss out of all those asinine, pandering, redneck roundup, white trash comedy shows.

Also, The Letting Go, is amazing. best album since Master + Everyone.

Also a reminder that tomorrow night at my place, JB is hosting THE electron election party to be at this election season, here's what he says:


the le duo’s third bi-annual Election Night Party!

Tuesday, November 7th 7pm
12 Clarke St. Apt #1

Come listen to music and watch the election results with the most sarcastic, ill-informed Monday-morning-quarterback political team ever!

Things you can expect:

Bob Kiss specials (for the Progressives)
wine (for the Democrats)
leftover Halloween candy
Fox News
JC Penney
John Stewart & Stephen Colbert
laughter (hopefully)
maybe some Republicans?

Hope to see you all there!

just 2 days till the election and shit is heating up...evangelical pastors sentenced to hang and Saddam getting massages from gay bodybuilding meth dealers...wait a sec, maybe it's the other way around!

- the le duo


Emily said...

have you seen Old Joy? I want to. It got mixed reviews, but more than anything I just want to see him act in more than a 5 second bit as an art-dealer henchman.

I like the Letting Go, but it sure isn't Master and Everyone. I think that lady's voice is too high in the mix, too.

Tmoore said...

no i'd like to though - is it out on video cassette yet?

if you want to serious Oldham action, watch Matewan, he's like 15 in it, and plays this southern preacher's son - does a great job actually, the movie is pretty good as well.

- i agree its not as good as master, at least, not as consistant, master is solid back to front, but there are a handfull of tracks i thought were comparable. Dawn "fawn fables" McCarthy is the pretty voice... i've heard alot of people say she's distracting... i could take her or leave her, but for a few of the songs i think she really helped to ratchet up the meladrama that oldham is shooting for this time around.

I'd like to hear this album w/ the strings and harmonies stripped... not that i dislike them, but just to see what's left. i like skeletal oldham stylee. (days in the wake.)

casey said...

Wonder Showzen. It hurts so good.

that election party sounds fun. But I hate fun. Actually, I'm just hungover.

Emily said...

Last I knew it(Old Joy) was still in the theatres.

I too like bare bones Oldham.I haven't given The Letting Go enough start-to-finish listens for a cohesive statement on it though. For some reason on my i-pod every other song on the album is loud-quiet. WIERD! I swear there is one track on it that could totally be a Dave Matthews song. ha! but all in all I think its a solid album and there are some real gems.