"via... or via, or however you pronouce that, i say via cause it sounds like vial, and vials are used to make potions..."

So slow at work right now. so. slow. o. m. f. g. I've had three days to make a button that says "submit" i made that button. i made it five times. I made it in black and white, then in green, then i redid the gradients, then i added a "web 2.0" sheen. then i changed the font from helvetica to myriad, then to myriad pro. these buttons are done. i still have two days...

I think tommorrow i'm gonna start Tannermoore.com, get that domain setup... yup. that's what i'm gonna do...

So, i found this on youtube - if anyone wants to know what i was like when i was 12-14 (or 23.) here's a good example. This kid is my hero, i hope to takhisis he's for real.

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casey said...

That kid kills my soul.