Putin it to you.

Awesome. Take a long hard look into Puties eyes.... there's love in those eyes. I needed to come up with a blog to go with this picture, cause it was just too good to let slide. How's the holidays everyone? Good? No? Not so good? Feeling Grinchy? I gotta say - I'm feelin good. This whole unemployment bit is way cooler than i remember it being in the past. Sure i got this ever approaching financial crisis looming just over my shoulder, but that's nothing that a little egg nog, and a little rum, a little more rum, can't f- perhaps a bit more rum, can't fix.

Right now, out my window, it's snowing and it's grey as... It's 4pm. on a Thursday afternoon, where are you? I'm sitting inside catching a buzz with my Bernese mountain dog laying on my feet, watching the world happen. That's pretty cool. KISS liked my work, that's cool too - though I'd feel better about if they had any artistic integrity, but they do have money, which is a close second. Either way, I'm a sucker for validation from people with heavy perms, cigarette breath and too much make-up, thanks mom, Gene.

Oh yes. Tonight, Thursdays, from 10pm till 12pm, myself and good friend / co-blogger Josh LaClair will be hosting a radio show on Burlington's own premiere community radio station, 105.9 The Radiator, titled "Aether Everywhere" (13th floor elevators reference anyone? christ we're clever.) where we'll be running the gamut of all things psychedelic. That means just about anything that, as Josh put it, makes your head go "Wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh [etc]".

Our format will be focused on a single album or artist each show, and with the remaining time, some sort of similar artist, spin off, side project, spiritual successor, like minded contemporary or just some wild shit we like. The goal as we discussed excitedly over Monster energy drinks and with great seriousness, is not to "Like, fucking antagonize people, but like - challenge and sort of like, make people fucking like, rock out."

So yeah. Be there. Be everywhere. Aether Everywhere.

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