As promised, here’s the download for our sets from the first Aether Everywhere show on December 20th. Thanks to all who listened, and we hope you tune in next Thursday at 10 p.m. on 105.9 fm!

  1. “Slip Inside This House” – 13th Floor Elevators / The leadoff track from the Elevators’ classic Easter Everywhere, and possibly their finest moment.

  2. “Vacation” – Excepter / Trippy-ass offering from the Brooklyn neo-pysch/noise/Kraut outfit. KA’s the album, and if Michael from Pure Pop can’t track it down, try www.othermusic.com.

  3. “Cross Selling” – Oval / One of the more accessible tracks from 94diskont, and like the others, its beats are sculpted almost entirely out of CD skips.

  4. “Kingdom of Love” – Soft Boys / One of the many perfect psych-pop songs found on 1980’s Underwater Moonlight.

  5. “Le Grand Dome” – Biosphere / Typical fare from the Norwegian ambient guru, it evokes the barren landscape of his locale above the Arctic Circle.

  6. “Deep Chair” – Datacide / The centerpiece of Flowerhead, a phenomenal psychedelic album by Tetsu Inoue and Atom Heart. Lots of interesting rhythms and kids chanting.

  7. “Music For Tundra” – Tim Hecker / Buzzy and beautiful track from 2002’s underrated Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again.

  8. “Traveling Without Moving (Trip #8)” – Pete Namlook / Didgeridoo, anyone? Air II is a spooky masterpiece, and you should go find it right now.

  9. “Cries From the Midnight Circus” – The Pretty Things / If this sounds vaguely like the Beatles, that’s because it was recorded in Abbey Road with production work from Norman Smith. Listen for the shakers.

  10. “Archangels Thunderbird” – Amon Duul II / German freaks unleash the chunky guitar chords and funky drums on this one, taken from the awesome, schizophrenic Yeti.

  11. “Druganaut (Extended)” – Black Mountain / The Vancouver stoner rockers double the track length, and tack some bongos and organ riffs onto the Jaki Leibezeit-on-“Mushroom”-style drum shuffle.

  12. “Slow City” – Pharaoh Overlord / Hypnotic guitar and drum groove from the Circle side project.

  13. “Najaf Library Card (Dub Mix)” – Porn Sword Tobacco / This Swedish ambient artist’s dubby (duh) contribution is taken from 2005’s Explains Freedom.

  14. “Light: Look At Your Sun” – Ash Ra Tempel / Bluesy slow burner culminating with an acid-fried guitar solo, courtesy of Manuel Gottsching.

  15. “Blues Trip #1” – L / Culled from 1990’s initially rare but recently reissued Holy Letters, this features some great Japanese vocals.

  16. “Bring Me Coffee or Tea” – Can / Always a nice respite after the half hour face melt that is “Aumgn” and “Peking O” from Tago Mago.

  17. “Stereomission” – Mouse on Mars /It doesn’t matter how many times you hear this groove—when you do, it’ll catapult you into another multi-week obsession with MoM.

  18. “Ageispolis” – Aphex Twin / Those of you who think that Selected Ambient Works 85-92 sounds terribly dated need to just shut the hell up.

  19. “2080” – Yeasayers / Catchy and trippy and sounding very little like TVOTR (save the vocal nuances), this is taken from one of Tanner’s top albums of this year. To read more about, scroll on down…

  20. “They” – Nagisa Ni Te / Ever wonder what it’d be like to a have a sing-along inside a plank board clad bar with absinthe instead of beer?

Part 1 (tracks 1 - 9)

Part 2 (tracks 10-20)


Casey said...

This is a great set. Can't wait to DL and space out.

Looking forward to the web stream of the Radiator!

Tanner M. said...

Thanks Casey - hope you enjoy it, the whole show is seamless with adds to the sweet psychflow.

With any luck (and some more free time for myself) the streaming server should be up and running sometime around the new year.

Otherwise if your in the listening area stay tuned this thursday for Harmonia's Deluxe in it's entirety and associated projects... ash ra, et al.

stephen said...

Hiya.. any chance you could upload part 2 again? It has expired from the server.....

Tanner M. said...

hey stephen,

sure i'll set you up with a transfer - but first, your not gonna like, sue me for making a mix with copyrighted material are you?

email me for a link tanmccuin at gmail dot com