Neil Young - Sunset Strip

I was contacted this morning by a reader asking me to repost Neil Young's "Roll another Number" from this bootleg that came my way through pure pop a year or more ago. I figure I'll do you all one better and post the whole album.

A few side notes - from what i understand and judging by the on stage banter and set list, this is a recording from the heart of Neil's infamous ditch period. The tracks are all ragged and blown out, Neil is ranting and raving, talking about cocaine and booze, songs start, then stop, then start - but the whole thing sounds magically perfect. If you're a fan of Tonights the Night, and think that Neil Young is best listened to on scratchy vinyl, whiskey in hand, than this recording is perfection. Merry Christmas.

Mellow My Mind - World On a String - Speakin Out - Albuquerque - New Mama - Roll Another Number - Tire Eyes - Tonight's the Night - The Losing End - Tell me Why - LA - Lookout Joe - Don't Be Denied - Yonder Stands The Sinner - Last Dance



Timefades said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in heaven. I have only listened to the first few songs and they are great. Neil at his ragged best! I really appreciate the repost. Merry Christmas to you too.

ben said...

YES thanks tanner as I too have been bugging you. I have wanted to hear one of these shows since i read Shakey like 4 years ago.

ben said...

Yeah, and its got Yonder Stands the Sinner! I gotta stop posting before I read a whole blog post.

AP said...

Thanks for this. Really great. Do you have track # 1 (Tonight's the Night, according to the artwork) by any chance?
Thanks again.

Tanner M. said...

yeah - it's in there. just download the file and unarchive it.