Summer time is here

Summer time is here. This statement can have a variety of connotation, all depending on who you ask. I would imagine the general take on it is one of excitement, sun, fun all that jazz. But i know enough misanthropes to know that summer ain't all that to everyone. Personally it's not my favorite, though for a little while, I welcome it, the rest of the time, i try really hard to remember that winter in Vermont pushes me to the edge of those impossibly high cliffs of madness, or at least makes me awfully grumpy.

I thought I would make list of the things i hate about summer, and then one for the things i love, but then i'd have to about installing one of those Digg icons, and deal with the massive internet fame that comes from the inevitable dumbshit web-list where the last entry is always some asinine self-reference.

So for the sake of this blog's dedicated fanbase and retaining my web-obscurity this post will remain just that, a post, albeit a meandering gurgling stream of a post, a veritable Gary Snyder haiku of a post - as i still have an hour and half left at work, and I've exhausted the entire internet's Bernese Mountain Dog resources, i'm confident that I'll be the greatest Berner daddy in the world. I've already promised to give over half my posts to high-res pictures of little "Orrey Mane Swayze" doing things like, licking his own eye, biting his foot, or filing my state taxes; "look he's filing for Renter's rebate! hooza good Orrey Mane Swayze!"

So instead of going through the arduous task of actually writing something interesting i figured i'd just ask; what does summer mean to you?


Anonymous said...

summer means-

pretty girls in skirts
on a summers day i'll watch
some seagulls shitting

casey said...

Leaving my old town
Getting older can be nice
In obscurity


Swimming on the roof
Isn't something you can do
In the Green Mountains


It's not as hot here
Despite what you might have heard
Winter's milder, too

Herb said...

On a day like this,
with heat, moisture and fatigue,
summer means shit sandwich.

Undead Molly said...

Teens dressed like hookers.
Fat and skinny, short and tall:
too much skin, ladies.

The ARBitrator said...

I was always lousy at poetry
So I'm skipping the haiku format altogether
To say that summer is the only time I really feel any life flowing in my veins
You can keep winter
I don't want it! XP

^This is why I just don't do poems.