The New Face of Pure Pop

Thought i'd take a moment to tease you all with a project i've been working on for a little while now. Purepoponline.com - once a clunky auto-generated site, now a friendly, interactive and informative portal. From Purepoponline you'll be able to check out the Pure Pop top 10, read music news, Make special orders, see staff picks and find links to various music related websites like highergroundmusic.com, midheaven, and (shudder) pitchfork.

Then there are the Pure Pop Forums, where your invited to get in on the discussion of various topics, (who'd win in a fight: Johnny Sparkle or Jason Cooley?) write show reviews and make announcements. There's also a rideboard so you'll never have an excuse to miss Animal Collective in Montreal.

Finally, the Pure Pop Blogs - read the rants and raves of your favorite (or most despised) pure pop employee.

I've had alot of fun developing PPO, it's been great to having something creative to work on after spending all day developing salt-dry corporate shite. My hopes are that people in burlington, friends of Pure Pop and the Burlington music scene, and music fans in general find this site to be a place they can go and make contacts (piss people off.), give their opinions (talk mad shit) and be entertained and informed (flame on...)

I hope to have the site ready for everyone, with help of Mr. Luke Awtry, as soon as next week. Stay tuned!


casey said...

Holy shit, I'm EXCITED!

jay said...

Looks great! It's about time that PurePop gets with the 21st century and has a website that is worthy of the store. Did you do the design work too?

Can't wait to do a run-through of the site; I'll have my co-worker, the supreme webmaster, take a look at it as well & give you feedback. You can talk in nerdy language about "code" and "hyperlinks" and such.

Tanner M. said...

Well, i can't take credit for 100% everything design wise; the main site is loosely based on an old version of Mutliflex 1.0 i believe, the blogs are of course through wordpress, and the Forums based on phpBB, but all of it is heavily modded, graphically and code..icly, by myself.

Please let me know if you come across anything that needs looking at. I havn't had alot of time free or otherwise to get things together and i'm sure i've left things out.

Tanner M. said...

And Luke Awtry, don't forget Luke who's awesome enough to provide hosting and PHP, MySQL assistance.

Herb said...

It's great to have insights from today's greatest minds. God bless you Tanner for your contribution.