Christ it's hard to find a dog friendly apartment in this town. Sorry i haven't been posting much more than these totally awesome pictures, but I've been distracted lately. Summer makes my brain feel like it's thinking through warm brie. Jenny and I are trying to find a place that'll let us have a dog and it hasn't been easy. We almost had a match, a perfect 2 bedroom with 2 porches one downstairs and one upstairs overlooking the lake, hardwood yada yada, dogs allowed even... but what? oh, it's a puppy? No puppies. No puppies? ...so they need to be magically growed up? Another lady after my inquiry into her listing that made no mention of pets either way, scolded me at the mention of a dog, fucking scolded me like i was asking her if i could setup a methlab. Scolded me like i was gonna start a fucking... a fucking, Orchid East 2 dormitory out of the basement. Bitch.
Two more apartments tonight - cross your fingers, pray to nazi hunting jebus up there. Then afterwards? I'm going fucking swimming. I'm gonna drown my sorrows in my grandmother's sweet sweet in ground pool. Fuck this dog friendly apartment deficit.


casey said...

Honestly. Where do you find this shit?

So I sacrificed a falafel to the Dark Ones that you, Jenny and the puppy (where the hell is JC Penny?) can find a place. No need to thank me.

Tanner M. said...

interesting - that falafel must have been hella, cause we think we found our first winner so far. Thanks Ammutseba!

jay said...

That explains why you were in a substantially better mood when I saw you last night than you sound in this post!

Just remember, it will all be worth the hassle when you can wrestle around with your puppy in your new place!