Taking inventory...

Hey grey Monday - Our apartment is starting to fall apart - not that it started out whole. The bathroom door nob fell off this weekend, for no apparent reason other than that it' really old. The wall paper in the bathroom is grey streaked w/ black mildew mostly on account that the exhaust fan only sort of works, the one in the kitchen doesn't work at all, and from what i can tell, if it were to work it'd be exhausting into the neighbor's apartment. The oven has a burned out element, so we either cook everything with a careful eye on broil, or on the range where there are only 2 properly functioning burners.
The windows are all from 1950's and open and close using an internal counter-weight system that either doesn't work at all, only sort of does - a couple don't open at all and seem to have been sealed shut. When the wind blows you can feel it, even when they're shut and the storm windows are down.
The front door lock is busted and though it was repaired, within a week, it was broken again. The walls are cracking and the plaster is sagging, the weird wood grain floor laminent is peeling up, and there's a 2 inch hole in the wall between the living room and my bedroom.

All in all though i really love my apartment, it's really comfy and the location is great.

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