Maple Days

JB, Jenny and I took a trip up to Highgate today to attend the somewhat annual Drum Hill maple sugar breakfast; hosted by the Bouchard Reynolds family and close friends at the family's sugarhouse on Drum Hill. Not a more lovely day could we have asked for and even though we all three had a bit of a long night previous, we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and make the drive at 9am.

Was it ever worth it. This is Vermont, this at least, is the Vermont i was raised on - muddy dirt roads, DIY signs and rusty piles of old machinery - truck bench seats turned into guest seating, fellers standing around w/ there hands in their pockets kicking rocks, talking about birds and tonage, church group matrons bustling about, Amateur hockey players asking if you'd like a cup of milk or some more eggs....

The rest i'll leave to the photos to describe.


emmy lou said...

I love the maps!

jay said...

I wish you hadn't posted this...I've been hungry for a big greasy breakfast for the past two days now.