Gorey goes to Hollywood

According to Reuters, the people responsible for bringing us the glossy soul-less "Narnia" are at it again, this time working with Jim Henson's people to create a film version of the awesome and hilarious "The Doubtful Guest"; The Edward Gorey tale about a stuffy Victorian family that is visited for a number of years by a strange manic depressive creature that behaves in strange ways for no apparent reason. One day he lays much to close to parlor door, blocking access to the room, other days he stands with his long snout facing the wall, and on other days he takes prized possessions and throws them in the pond.

On one hand, I'd like to see what the Hensons do with this, on the other hand i'm not to excited to see another treasured favorite raped and pillaged by the Hollywood system... we'll see...


ben said...

but movie versions of 18 page books are always really good. i hope there is a new sum 42 song on the soundtrack.

emmy lou said...

I'm really hoping they give it some christian moral message