Hey everyone. Sorry that it’s taken until now to post the latest Aether Everywhere set and download (Jenny’s been checking her computer every couple of hours, folding her arms, and stomping away), but both Tanner and I had pretty hectic weekends. OK, so mine wasn’t really all that hectic, but since I was recently informed by my supervisor that, no, a hot pink Marc Bolan t-shirt (and the like) is not acceptable attire for work, I had to go get me some new threads.

Aaanyway, this past Thursday, we featured Ghost’s Snuffbox Immanence from 1999. A lot of people consider this to be their “classic” album, and I’d agree with that (although depending on the day, Lama Rabi Rabi gives it a run). We then spun a bunch of like-minded Japanese psych tracks, ranging from Ghost’s side work with Damon and Naomi (the rhythm section of Galaxie 500) to Nobuzaku Takemura, whose Steve Reich-meets-Markus Popp “Kepler” is reminiscent of Snuffbox’s “Daggma.” Hope you enjoy, and tune in Aether Everywhere this Thursday at 10 for some Elephant 6 action! - JOSH

(ps. This is one of my favorite setlists, i love all of these songs, and some of the artists are some of my all time favorite players, do yourself a favor, download this one, pop it into your ipod for that ride on the train, walk in the winter woods, or drive down the coast - also check out my mad photoshop p0Wnage! -tanner)

1) Damon & Naomi w/ Ghost - “I Dreamed of the Caucasus”
2) Keiji Haino - “I Don't Want To Know”
3) L - “Troll”
4) LSD March - “Kimi Wa Tengoku”
5) Maher Salal Hash Baz - “What's Your Business Here Elijah?”
6) Susumu Yokota - “Sleepy Eye”
7) Nagisa Ni Te - “Me On The Beach”
8) Boredoms - “(two circles)”
9) Nobukazu Takemura - “Kepler”
10) Boris w/ Michio Kurihara - “Fuzzy Reactor”
11) Masaki Batoh - “Spooky”
12) High Rise - “Outside Gentiles”


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