Wind-up Bird and Sun Circle

Another wonderful experience at the Greendoor, much thanks to Greg and Co. All three sets were unique and tapped into various places in my head - Wind up bird took it to outer space; and i couldn't help think of Isaac Asmov, Sagan (both music and man.) and most recently, "The Fountain" it was really excellent sine-wave space fuckage, bookended w/ minimalist resonance vibrations and throat singing.... I had been drinking whiskey, Briener had been drinking more of it though... (started out with me offering him a drink, him bad mouthing my choice inebriate, then proceeding to enjoy a healthy third of the pint; thats fine by me Breiner, you're welcome to my booze anytime!) and either itwas that, or that my left asscheek down to my knee had fallen asleep - but my head was all buzzy and i was having alot of fun listening.
After that, was Sun cirle - that being greg and zack. - I have to say, the last few shows of greg have seen me enjoying his set more and more - i don't know if i could explain it properly, and in all likely hood it could just be my mood matching up more w/ his musical direction at those times, but reguardless, i feel like Greg's getting a little darker in his composition... The Sun circle set was one long heavy fucking earthen drone, the chord whatever it was, felt unresolved and the chanting that the two did over it felt on occasion pained, or at least, longing. Is this what Winter does to us? On top of all that, there was an occasional "ymrappp!" of feedback, that only added to the effect, giving it a close to overloading feeling of danger; i was impressed. Afterwords i commented to a friend that for some reason that felt like listening to Doom. (metal.) and he agreed he was thinking the same thing... so yeah, fuck yeah Greg, nice one!

The Last set was the Gong bath where all three of em coralled us into one room of the studio and surounded us on three sides w/ gongs, and basically blew our fucking minds out our cosmic anus's. ('s? or es? i don't know...maybe just anus. i like to think we all share the cosmic anus.) I had to plug my good ear at a couple points, sweet.

Great job guys!
(The doom level may also have been increased by the gi-fucking-gantic sculpture of that dude from mad max that had the little dude in his backpack.)


jay said...

Thought that was you smuggling in the little flask pint :)

Sorry I didn't come & introduce myself, but as I mentioned in my review, I was pretty sick & groggy. I'll save you the pleasure of shaking my hand for when I'm healthy & buying you a drink, not when its covered in my bacteria-ridden snot!

I'm glad someone took some pics; I forgot my digi camera at home. It was a great show; thanks for the write-up!

Anonymous said...

dude, they really did rip us a spiritual new one, didn't they?
- mandy