Scary Hu?

Last night was the first (?) annual devil's night party at the Greendoor studios, and did it ever live up to its name. Everyone involved must have put so much time into getting everything right - Carved and mutilated pumpkins, lights, and projectors casting massive ominious (DIY) images, an entire menagerie of bizzarre hand created creatures and monstrosities, some created by Andrea were especially gruesome, one entitled "Power source" was essentially a naked man on his back w/ his groin and bowel ripped open and all sorts of strange biomechanical mess shooting out and wrapping around his arms and near by objects - there was also some sort of giant grizzled insectoid arm that ended in a real blooded powersaw that had aparently just been flaying a man lengthwise up his spine... his exposed intestines, i think they were made out of clown balloons.

The crowd was great and having fun, the usual greendoor cohorts, and then a bunch of people i'd never met before - The music set a perfect mood, Ben was playing some nice nice echoey dub, and that slowly segwayed into "Negative Creep" by nirvana, which along w/ whatever was in the punch caused me to temporarily go back in time to the 7th grade, when my old friend and eventual fellow arrestee, Chis "Eric" Beaderstadt, called me up saying "Hey i'm coming over, i got Bleach!" and i was like, cool we're gonna bleach our hair!" But, it wasn't that bleach... which is good, cause at the time i didn't know how exactly one bleached their hair, i just assumed you pored it all over your head.

Anyway, After a while of that, the dance party started, w/ shawn throwing some old school records down (Which reminds me, did you know John Lennon coined the term "old school"? Ask Ben H. about it...)

There were two acts i believe schedualed for the night, Todd and Ben's project called simply "Pink Bacon" (hmmm....) and Matty's Pseudo Hip hop experiment "Hariett Tubman Overdrive" featuring me, DJ Gay Rabies, on production. I spent most last week putting together 4-5 backing tracks, but was only mildly disapointed when Matty decided he wasn't prepaired to perform - Pink Bacon went on with aplomb and abomb. I won't go into superlatives, but imagine what two ex-nesters can do w/ delayedfuckedupkeysandvoicewhiledrunkandstoned It was pleasant. The whole night was pleasant really.

If anyone out there got pictures, (i'm looking at you angela) send some over so i can post them up.


Shane said...

An excellent night indeed. It was my first time down there, and I was impressed by Pink Bacon. I was mildly disgusted at the eating of the floor bacon, I thought it was only a prop.

Did you pop a zit? I was lucky and the residue of it hit the wall. I saw that others weren't as lucky as I...

Tmoore said...

yeah i was picking that puss out of my hair the next morning...

i missed the bacon eating, but i guess Ben tried to create a bacon mask, by stapling a bunch of bacon to a hat... no idea if it worked out... Ben?

greg davis said...

bacon mask was aborted.

i have pictures of the evening.
ill put them on my flickr soon.

angela said...

i have some good pics, but i'm lazy. sorry tanner. but hey, tomorrow is a new day.