A picture aday.

So we've all seen somewhere one of those "1 picture a day for 6 years" concepts, either on Youtube or in book form, my first time was a few years ago over at my friends Adam and Rachelle's. They had a little art book that had a couple who took pictures of themselves over the course of a few years i think, it was interesting to see the way people slowly change.

Since then i've noticed it's become something of an underground phenomenon, especially with the Youtube crowd, now it's sort of lost it's novelty, not that it had a whole lot to begin with, i mean yeah, you grow a mustache, you grow a goatee, you get a black eye, you cut your hair, you wear suspenders for a few pictures, ok i get it...

It was about time for something like this to happen:


Anonymous said...

ha ha hahaha

greg davis said...

yeah that was really stupid.
he probably just made it in one day.