A quick Jaunt...

Through the year...

The winter sucks party: new apartment, long winter;
late night drunkboy dance party, Eva came over for one
of the first times, blew a fuse on todd's stereo...

Got my stereo ripped off, concidered it Karma for
hurting Adrienne...

have you heard this story?

Pretty self explainitory really; Scotty how's your
little one these days? must be big and strong
w/ all that man milk you've been feeding him...

drinking at at the airport lounge w/ 3 total dudes.



This is... new years day? i think... why do i hate
New Years Day so much? Oh yeah...
it's because now that the holidays
are over - all there is left now is the yawning
black whole of endless winter...

Swami Tanner

fan base

Emily is a picture hog i've realized,
and you can't accuse me of just taking
alot of pictures of her since most of the time
i wasn't the one w/ the camera...

This one worked out really well...
Brian plays the broken hearted neon blues

Out of so many of our shows w/ NM,
One of my favorite shows was the one at
Landon Street Cafe, i can't say why exactly
maybe because it was snowing really bad
and the rides there and back were dangerous,
especially w/ me and Todd High and rocking
out to CCR...
There was something about what we were
playing around that point i was enjoying
during this show i played the bass a bit,
processing it through my Korg.

This baby doll was sitting on top of the gas pump
it appeared to be suffering from Cleft Pallete.

Ben, obsuring the light.

Me in the wood

Nature's geometry

I'll remember this day for a long time... Eva and I
took a day trip here, just to poke around and catch
a flick. Eva makes the most mundane events little

Setting Sun in Vermont

JB and Eva, getting to know each other...

Sewing my pants, i gave up on that pair a while ago...
i couldn't do much more for them, but i got them to
stablize though. There's only a small hole in the crotch
now, once i patch it up... they should be good for another

Pure Poppers in their natural habitat
notice the look the C. Miller is giving me, this is how
they comunicate their distaste for picture taking.



Gooooooombaaaaaaa!!!! WAP!

... hippes.

Bengela cutting rug.

guess who...

winter time... there's something about it that
makes for some really great shows.

What's not on Eva's mind....

that's me....

Narthex RIP.

you too hitler...

Graveyard behind my grandparents house,
it was really windy, cold that day... i think it
was easter.

miss you already

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Anonymous said...

oh, the times! tanner, these people are awesome!