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Tomorrow i have the day off, the weather outside is still warm enough that i should take a drive and then even a walk somewhere and relax, get out of this house, get away from people and do some real thinking. I've been reading this book that Adrienne's dad gave me called “The sanity we are born with” and even though the name sounds corny as hell, it's quite well written. It's basically a Buddhist guide to Western psychology written by Scott's guru. I just finished reading Movable Feast (Hemingway) and currently I'm also reading The Informers by Brett Easton Ellis and some travelogue expose style memoir of this guy who moves to Phenom Phen. I got the Hemingway and the Ellis from Adam and Rachel's old apartment a few weeks ago when i helped them move out. They're in New York City now. I also inherited some other junk, a letrec print or two, and a lamp that Adam made out of some old hardcover books, and which is currently growing mold in the back of my pickup truck. The Ellis is a little Blah, so far... the Hemingway was amazing, and i haven't liked him in the past; his sentences about writing i think changed how i write more than anything in years. “Write one true thing, then write another.” it's much harder than it sounds. I'm already thinking about how this might end up being a blog. But tomorrow, actually today since it's currently 2:20. Take a walk, find a quiet place, listen to some good music, and think about what's going on right then only. Attempt meditation even.

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