So i've been drinking a bit

Tonight was the first night in what feels like a very long time that i went out with my friends and acted like a young man. Which is from what i gather, i am. Life is an interesting thing, and aside from blanket statements like that, it is otherwise indescribable. I should say that I'm a little drunk. But I'm going to write any how. I went out with the band/friends tonight, there was a Halloween party at our Studio tonight, we were asked to play but i think we all felt like there was a lot to do in the next few weeks and we'd all rather just take it easy till then so we decided not to. I was pretty happy about that, as much as i love my band, playing live is something that ends up being 51/49 anxiety to fun. Back tracking........... Work was pretty long and busy today, whereas most mornings involve me taking my time experimenting on how to make the perfect pot of Maxwell House (impossible.), scrolling down through boingboing.net, (so that's what the shadow of a 4th dimensional object looks like... cool.) reading the latest music reviews (reading dusted, cokemachineglow, Aquarius (everyone other week), and when it's really slow scrolling around twisted village and forcedexposure), and perhaps making a few new artist cards (made a new one for The Decemberists yesterday looks like the cover of the first EP...), or answering and random phone call or two (“Yes we're open, we close at 9.... yes we do have Jurassic 5 tickets.... no we don't give student prices....) i spent the entire day multitasking my ass off with Herb, sue and Mike. I gotta say though, where as a year ago, a day like today would have ended with me feeling terrible, thanks to mike flipping out or me not knowing what i needed to do, today felt good. I got a lot done, kept busy, Mike seems to finally be mellowing out, and Herb and Sue are the two best people in the world to work with.

Afterwork (ouch, i think I'm getting arthritis in my left pinky...) i came home, ok i gotta stop this hurts...

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