It's been raining for two weeks

It's been quiet a while since I've written down my thoughts in journal form, i think the last time i did so was when i was living with Shawn Chaney over on Saint Paul street, three years ago. A lot has changed for me, in me, since then and i think it's about time to take inventory on those changes. Winter is setting in, the leaves are changing and soon i will be looking for a new home, as I've worn out my welcome here with my girlfriend and her family, a living arrangement that i fear was never in any way a good idea to begin with. It could have been my lack of options (re: Money), or my fear of living in Highgate again, perhaps even a desire to be with a family again. I do wonder how that is, and i often feel like i wasn't given a proper family upbringing, my sister and i often over beers will talk about this; how we practically raised ourselves (not to mention how good a job we've done.)

There are as many reasons as leaves on the ground but i can't say any of them were good ones. I need my own home, someplace sustainable, small, cozy something i can afford and something that i can make my own and use for my own purposes. Winters coming. It feels good to write in here again.

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Alt 90s Snob said...

dude. your blog is good.

im glad i hadnt ever read it because now i can read it like it was a magazine or a book or something.

you make me want to finish the switch over to adult blogging from fat teen girl LJ.