God Hates Fags (?)

Watching the British Comedy series "Peep Show" i heard mention a few times a person by the name of Louis Theroux; Mark while trapped in a seemingly lurid game of spin the bottle, remarks "This is research... ...Like Louis Theroux and his wry smile at the orgy..." So i looked into who he was exactly. I don't get the BBC, so but if i did i'd know that he's a reporter who specializes in getting himself insinuated into all sorts of groups, people, events, under the pretense of being rather naive, and indifferent. Fine, good - interesting.

After a bit of looking around, i came upon his report he did after spending a few weeks living and talking with the member of the Westboro Baptist Church. Yeah... those people. I think we all know who they are, but if not - feel free to puruse their website, but if your short on time or just want to quick and simple of it, they're the folks that picket soldier's funerals with "God hates fags" signs... you maybe then ask the question... wait, what does a dead soldier have in common w/ with God's vengeful wrath towards the gays... well, the answer is asinine, fully - but it stands that, these soldiers died, protecting a nation that supports homosexuals, and therefore god struck them down to hell, yada yada, etc etc...

Anyway. Louis was given the chance to spend some time getting to know the family (they're all related.) and trying to understand their aims and rationale. What followed was an unbelievably fascinating, and equally infuriating story that at times is heartbreaking, at turns, hilariously absurd yet left me completely agape, both at the family and their practices, and Louis who manages to remain calm and reasonable throughout. Even after being told repeatedly by the members of the church, that he was going to hell, that he was a snake, etc.

The video above is the first in the 6 part series, the the other 5 can be found below.



The ARBitrator said...

Scaaaarrry people. Don't they know that fags are cigarrettes? They're going around saying that God is a non-smoker. . . well, that's nice to know!

Seriously, they need to mind their own business and find something constructive to do with their time.
Although, at least we can laugh at them. *points and laughs at them*

jay said...

What's really bizarre about this group is that they don't seem to have a problem with having absolutely no point of reference for their ideas. As much as I disagree with Christian beliefs, at least they can "back up" most of their point by referencing the Bible (i.e. if you truly believe the Bible is a holy document of absolute truth).

The Westboro folks don't seem to care that they have no point of reference in the bible that really backs up their belies or twisted logic.

Apparently the "real" vengeful, misanthropic, bigotted, schizophrenic God is just whispering in their ears...and no one else's.

Tanner M. said...

Indeed... to me it seems that its a logical(?) progression of christianity anyway, the bible is so full of contradiction and vague messages, that for the most part people have been taking their own liberties with its meanings from the get go.
Fuck it, these guys are just evolving faster than the rest of the herd - they're like the Pollocks to middle america's traditional rabid fundimentalist de koonings -

Radical post modernism at its finest, a bunch of satirists so good at what they're doing they don't even know they're doing it; and in the meantime every uptight facist bornagain whatever, is sitting there going... woah, that shit is crazy...awesome

the le duo said...

funny shit i heard recently that these incredible assholes even picketed the funeral of the right reverend jerry falwell. i guess 70+ years of gay bashing still didnt make 'ol jer holy enough! i'd like to smack fred phelps in the face with a big rubber dick...