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Monkey House

All right, you guys. This is a combination social announcement/call to arms for all readers of Highgate and their respective circles! Some of you may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I provided you with the coolest picture you saw all day, and proceeded to go on and on about Beach House's brilliant forthcoming effort, Devotion. And if you've paid attention to anything Tanner, Jay, or I have said about their very insular yet transcendent performance at Higher Ground last year, you probably feel at least slightly remorseful about the looming tragedy in your life that is You-Missed-One-Helluva-Trippy-Show,-G. For real. Victoria Legrand's droning organ and divine vocals transformed The Showcase Lounge into a veritable womb for the eight of us who were lucky enough to be there.

I went that night with a strong affinity for their self-titled debut, but I was ultimately skeptical that it would translate well in a live setting. To my surprise, most of the songs I was familiar with took on an added warmth, reaching emotional heights merely hinted at on the album. The intimacy only seemed to add to the overall energy, as if the gaps in the small room allowed that much more of the stage's orange glow to permeate throughout the space. Since the duo was opening for Grizzly Bear that night, the set was less than an hour, but I can say with some degree of certainty that it was the finest hour-long stretch of live music I experienced last year. Well, maybe Animal Collective, but since Beach House are coming to The Monkey House in March (!) for, like, six bucks (!), the edge goes to them. And this time around they're headlining, so we should be treated to healthy doses of both of their stellar albums. As a side note, Victoria not only brandishes a set of amazing pipes, but she's also a total sweetheart. I talked with her for a bit while she broke down equipment, and we discussed everything from the merits of Black Dice's Beaches and Canyons to her unrestrained excitement about the impending release of their second album. It was so refreshing, because she came off sounding much more like a schoolgirl describing her first crush than a jaded hipster who has Ryan Schreiber wrapped around her pinky.

So anyway, make sure you don't miss out on Beach House this time around. It’d be a real shame to have them come back to the area, only to be greeted by another empty room. They'll be playing the Monkey House in Winooski on Sunday, March 30. Papercuts will be opening, as well as a still-undetermined local act. (Please, Greg Davis!) Also, don't forget to pick up their sophomore album, Devotion, which comes out in late February. Give yourself ample time to fall in love with those tracks, and you'll be glad you did when you hear what they can do with them live. See you then!



gd said...

not to take credit (or diminish the hard work that nick and ticktick are doing for this show), but i sort of set the wheels in motion for this one.

i was supposed to play the opening set but i don't think i can do it because im going out of town that weekend for a wedding. super bummed about that.
i played with beach house at a carpark showcase at pop montreal a couple years back. they are sweethearts and they are really great live. it should be a rad show.


jay said...

This is going to be amazing--thanks to Greg, Nick & Tick Tick for making this happen.

Nick said...

Don't forget Paddy & The Monkey too!!!!

Tanner M. said...

what is this "paddy & the monkey" some sort of sick sexual game? Nick, what you and Julia do in your spare time is your own business, but that sort of filth is not welcome here on highgate. This is a family blog.

the le duo said...

i heard about this show like a week ago. where have you all been?

Jennifer said...

i remember when tan tan came home last year from grizzly bear and beach house - he said i'd missed one of the best live performances he'd seen in some time, from beach house, that is was a like a gift to just sit in the audience and be taken away by the music. perhaps it was less flowery than all that (but i'm pretty darn sure it was dainty and sweet), but i've been looking forward to seeing them since! thank you greg and ticktick and all involved for making it happen!

josh said...

i just wish i had my finger on the pulse like jb does. always one step ahead. always.

the le duo said...

i have a really big finger, thats all